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I have decided to make a video on caring for betta fish. It’s super simple and a 10 step process. I have been getting a lot of people disagreeing with my ‘filter discussion’ on betta fish hating filters and water current..

but I’m sticking to my guns until someone educates me otherwise. Let me know what you guys and gals think and how your betta fish are doing. I love hearing about your tank setups.

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Posted by Dave:
Great site. Lots of useful facts. I’ve had my beta for over two years. I only gave him pellets but recently bought dried blood worms. After your video I am getting dried shrimp too. I will try that pea trick.
Question: What is your opinion on vacation feeders? It stresses me to go away for a few days because I fear I’ll come home to a dead fish. I know you said it takes two weeks for them to starve, so any comments on vacation care?
Again, great site!

*Reply from Admin Chris: Yeah for sure! Look into buying an “automatic fish feeder” or pay your little neighbor girl to come over and feed them and “strictly” train her not to feed too much. haha

Posted by Jules:
Hey Chris, love your site and all the videos! Just a couple days ago (Sat.) I bought 2 male Crown Tails. Well my tank was initially for goldfish, 10gal tank, and they died about 5 months ago so my tank has just been desktop decor since until I bought these 2 new fishies. So I set up my tank with a divider and put the water in to let set 24hrs before adding my fish on Sun… still today there seems to be alot of little oxygen/air bubbles all over my tanks glass and decorations. I don’t particularly like it, and I’m sure the bettas don’t either, especially the one cause he seems to stay in the top corner of the tank right near the divider all poofed/flared up like he’s mad, trying to attack the bubbles or something, I don’t know. Trying to avoid having to use a filter and just do weekly water changes, but should I use my filter to at least get rid of the bubbles if anything? I mean the other betta doesn’t really seem to be bothered by all of the little bubbles although he tends to hang around the top of the water a little more (perhaps because of the warmth of the light since I haven’t gotten a heater yet *getting 1 today*) and actually swims around rather than constantly sticking in a corner all flared up like the other… what do you suggest for getting rid of the bubbles and keeping the one betta out of the corner and more calm? Thanks so much in advance for your help!

Reply from Admin Chris:
Can the bettas see each other through the divider? If they can you need to change it so they can’t see each other. Get some surface plants going. Buy some fake ones and rip off the bottoms so the plants float. Betta fish absolutely love to hide in floating plants and sleep in them. The bubbles don’t hurt anything. They should go away with time or just push them away with your hand. New tanks always do this. Use water conditioner when you add new water to your tank. Make sure to do 40 percent water changes like once a week at least. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Posted by Jessica E.
Glad to see someone showing some guidance on the betta fish. I had no idea how to take care of mine because it was given to me as a gift. Your video helped me laugh a little while learning a lot about my male Japanese fighter. I had to go out and actually buy a 5 gallon tank because I had him in a little flower vase because I literally thought these fish liked small environments. This video is full of good facts. Then I got on Pinterest as searched for what other tanks people were using and they all seemed small so I thought I was fine. Thanks for the good info though.

Reply from Admin Chris:
You see lots of very decorated betta tanks on Pinterest I noticed because they are so “cute and decorative and festival like” I don’t like that when I see it. I’m not being obscene but more or less jut trying to make a statement across to people. Hopefully some people take this seriously and help people understand these fish a bit more. Thanks for the post jessica.

Posted by Zachary R.
I had no idea they hated pellet food haha. Now I feel kind of ashamed in a way. I’m going to go out and get some blood worms really soon. I was wondering the same darn thing about my fish starving to death lmao it seems you have heard it all as far as people having issues with these fish. I’m for sure going to relate any questions back to you via email if that is fine with you.

Reply from Admin Chris:
That’s totally cool and you don’t have to feel ashamed. I was a little angry in the video just because I got a couple emails that day of people asking me why their betta fish died. You could imagine how I feel when I open these emails. It just makes me wonder why people don’t research their pets prior to them dying on you..? Bit I guess that’s part of the aquarium community. I am here to help anyone regarding betta fish. Email me anything you desire and expect a reply within one business day haha. That just made me feel like a business man. Haha ok and I’m off my high horse now.

Posted by Danny L.
Kind o scary how you reference as being carnivores like a mean raptor or something. I always feed mine flakes so I would of figured on them being a herbivore but I guess that’s where I was wrong. I will also have to stop and pick up some bloodworms. Kind of nice to get some good information and facts without having to listen to a boring lecture video from grandma jones!

Reply from Admin Chris:
Hey don’t pick on grandma Jones! I’m joking… But yes I tried to get my point across as best as possible with trying to also drive motivation into people to care for their fish properly. Thanks for stopping bay and leaving a comment. Blood worms are a great food for them.