Supplies List for Betta Fish Setup - What Do You Need?

We have comprised a supplies list for a betta fish tank setup. You may find that you need more things than you thought. A person can save some money by buy an “aquarium kit” on amazon that comes with everything together. These fish are tropical fish so they need a heater and a filter and so forth. Let’s get started with what we need.

1. Aquarium – 5gal Minimum

Get yourself a 5 gallon tank for your Betta fish. Even though they are kept in tiny cups doesn’t mean they need that. NO flower vases or fish bowls. I’m not here to argue but instead give you good advice. The aquarium kits are awesome because they are acrylic and come with all the needed supplies usually. One of the most popular kits on the market is the Fluval Spec series.


2. Filter – Not Too Powerful

All aquarium fish need filters running. The thing to watch about Betta fish is to not have too much surface interruption because they come to the surface to take gulps of air and that current will conflict that. The most popular filter for bettta fish is the Whisper In Tank Filter. It’s a low current filter but yet very effective. It’s works very similar to a sponge filter but a little different design. We highly advise you use the Whisper In Tank Filter.


3. Heater – Tropical Fish

Betta fish are tropical fish and need a heater. We need water temperatures between 74-82 Fahrenheit. A small heater will be adequate. A lot of these smaller aquarium kits come with built in heaters and filters. That’s what’s cool about the kits. There a smaller heaters that you can buy separate though. A more popular choice for smaller tanks is the Tetra 50 watt. It automatically adjusts to make your water the right temperature so it needs zero configuration. It has amazing reviews too.


4. Food – Carnivores!

Common foods that large retail stores sell for bettas usually sucks! We want a good food designed for carnivore bettas. They need heavy protein in their diet. Cheap crappy foods are full of “fillers” that aren’t good for fish. I advise buying the brand Omega One!


5. Light – Daylight vs Night

Some people may argue that fish don’t need lights but having a healthy habitat involves “day and night” cycles. That’s when fish know to sleep too. Lights are cheap and they also show off your awesome fish tank.


6. Water Conditioner

If you have “city water” supply at your home then you will need water conditioner. City water has chemicals in that are harmful to fish (chlorine and other additives). The water conditioner makes it safe for the fish as soon as you add it. Super easy to figure out.

Tetra 16163 AquaSafe Plus Water Conditioner, 33.8-Ounce


7. Siphon Cleaner

The best way to clean any fish aquarium is using a gravel siphon cleaner. The gravel is where 90% of the dirty things are because everything falls to the tank bottom. If you clean the tank bottom you will have a clean fish tank! It’s that simple.


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@Reply: I am a beginner in fish ownership, therefore I have only two Betta Fish. The Blue one is named Fred (Which so happens to be listed) and the Turquoise one is named Roger. My sister came up with the name Roger, I with Fred. I didn’t take much time to name them, and I regret throwing silly names like “Fred” into the name pool. I would much rather have called him “Splash” or “Bubbles”. It’s a sad thought, but after Fred or Roger dies I would like to name my next Betta Fish Splash.

@Reply: Hi all. I recently bought a Half moon Betta fish and a 2 gallon fish bowel. I got special food that was recommended to me by the owner called Atisons Betta Pro. Is this food right for him? I have also been told to buy a heater. Is this an absolute necessity ?

Kind regards, Luke Best (proud fish-owner)

@Reply: Help me, my fish hasn’t ate in a couple weeks I’m scared that he will starve to death I don’t know what to do, I have everything needed to take care of him, but I’m just scared I’m not sure what to do, I feed my fish pellets I’ve seen some of the comments saying I should give it a different food like Omega and stuff like that. I’m going to try that hopefully it works. And if you guys have any suggestions please reply to me.Thanks

@Reply: I am just trying to figure out if having a 5 gallon tank would there be too much pressure from the filter? I have a 10 gallon tank now that my betta is in… He didn’t like the pressure at all… So I cut the filter off. He seems to be doing ok. But hanging out mostly at the top. Only been a couple go days. Any suggestions?

@Reply: I’ve had my betta for about 2 years now, I have him in a divided 10 gallon with a heater and filter. Hes been fine up in tell 2 days ago. It looks like his stumick is bloated and he just sits at the bottom of the take or sits at the bottom and won’t eat. I feed him 1 pellet a night and sometimes a few freeze dried bloodworms. I love my little Thimbletack and would do anything for him, is there anything I can do?

@Reply: I am a new betta owner and did the wrong thing. Blueberry was in a small 2 gallon tank with heater. I wanted him to be really happy…so I purchased a 5 gallon filter and heater. I cleaned new tank, added water from his old tank and water conditioner. I made sure the temperature was equal. His old tank decor was also added. I put Blueberry in. He seemed fine at first. The second day in the morning…he was at the bottom of the tsnk, very unusual for him. I checked the ammonia and it was very high! I chsnged 50% of the water…but put Blueberry back in the smaller tank. His fins are fraying and I added some aquarium salt. He wont eat. I am so sorry that I followed directions on aquarium kit as oposed to doing more research.

What can I do to help Blueberry.

@Reply: I actually have 10 fish altogether not including my Catfish/bottom feeders. My favorite name for my fish is: Finley

@Reply: I have 4 male Bettas. Don’t worry they are in seperate tanks. My Bettas are:

1: Opaque Pastel White/Pearl Halfmoon named Pale Moonlight a.k.a Moonie

2: Dilute Black that looks Dark Gray named Fenbian a.k.a Fennie

3: Red & Gray named Randie

4: Blue/Violet named Haze

@Reply: ok so by beta, zombie wont eat and ive had him for about 4 months and the 3 monthes i’ve had him he eats just fine and i would break the pellets in half because he would spit them out if they where to big. But now zombie doesnt eat his food at all, no matter how much i break the food un for him to eat and he has been like that for atleast a month and he is losing color and i dont know what i should do. How can i help him??

@Reply: I am desperate for help, advice or any information you can give me. My betta Oscar, is about two years old. After a round of treatment about two months ago for tail rot I noticed a lump on the side of his body which also looked crooked. According to the pet store he had developed scoliosis. His health has declined, he can no longer swim and spends his entire time lying on the plant leaves near the top of his 3 gallon bowl close to his heater. He eats very little and is easily startled. I replace some of the water to keep it close to the top every few days and add about 1/4 tsp of aquarium salt. His body looks like a pine cone with no protection over it and his eyes appear to protrude. To me this is something worse than scoliosis. I have researched the internet and find anything similar to this. I would do anything possible to help him and I am at a loss.

@Reply: Have one female red betta named FISHLET and a male blueish red betta called CARDIO…today got 3 neon tetras called them PMS-TETRACYCLIN, TEVA-TETRACYCLIN and APO-TETRACYCLIN(all generic brands of a medication since i work in pharmacy) i also got a black widow tetra named GREGORY HOUSE (from House MD) has the same kind of personality and a white skirt tetra which havent found a name for yet.

@Reply: I was hoping you could help me (saw your youtube channel and was directed here)

i have nearly given up on betta fish. they were one of my favorite species and at one point i had 15 adults plus 40 fry or so. i am now down to one because they ALWAYS seem to get sick and die eventually and i have never understood it. i have been keeping fish for a long time and can’t say i’m a dummy. so i’ll just cut to the chase and tell you home i was keeping them.
i have multiple tanks, some were divided. every betta had AT LEAST 5 gallons to itself.
ALL my tanks are fully planted to the brim.
i use biofiltration (sponge, bio stones, plants to absorb nutrients)
i did a 50% water change in every tank once a week
fed a mix of Aqueon pellets, peas, blood worms, live brine shrimp, and black worms in rotation.
ALL tanks had a heater.
and water PH was tested monthly when i cleaned the filters.

my oldest betta was actually 5 when he died. but most didn’t even make a year. WHYYYYYYY!!
i absolutely love these fish and hate giving up on them, but i am sick of watching what i love wither and die of fin rot, infections, tumors, ect.
ANY advice is appreciated <3

@Reply: I’ve had 3 Betta fish named Buddy. If I get another one I’ll think of a different name. Buddy was easy because I couldnt think of another name so I just kept calling them that. Maybe an Asian name but I’m not sure. I’ll have to look at it and the name will come to me.

@Reply: I just want to thank you for all your very informative website and youtube videos! They really helped me this past month. I used to have a lot a Bettas as a kid, from where I would “rescue” all the sickly ones from the local small town Walmart and they all ended up living happy full lives. Now it’s been about 15 years since my last Betta and I completely forgot everything there was to know about basic care for them. A couple weeks ago I was walking through Petco and found a sickly looking Betta that I just had to take home with me. Once I picked his cup up I instantly realized I don’t remember a darn thing about how to help this little guy. So, just want to say your videos and website really helped as I was pacing through Petco. Now I have a very happy and healthy Captain Bluebeard who I just adore.

@Reply: I had a betta named Little Fish as a 1st grader and he died in 1 month. Then my cousin won me a feeder fish goldfish in late December. He died in a little over a week. Now I have a new betta I got today. I’m trying to think of a name, and he is turquoise and has a 6 year life span. I bought him when he was 3 so he should live for another 3 years. Please help me find a name!

@Reply: My betta is dark blue and the edges of his fins are clear (a little white).

First few days I used tap water and his tank got cloudy real quick (I didn’t know about treated water ) after that his the clear part of his bottom fin has a light brown tinge on the clear area.
After about 2 weeks of using conditioner along with black water essence, he seems better, (eating more, more active) however, the brown tinge is still there, what is this due to and can it be fixed?


@Reply: Have a guppy tank and a Betta tank

Batta tank – Mature Male Veil tail
5 gallon planted
Filtered Cycled System- near 0 turbulence in water or on the surface, I would say 0 but of course that is impossible

0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and minimal nitrate with water changes

He does not need a friend but thought he might want to have something happening in the tank to give him something to think about

Dropped in a grown cherry shrimp, He watched him for a while then ate him

few days later
Dropped in a 3/4 inch guppy, ate her as soon as I turned my back after ignoring her (I worried about badgering but not consumption)

few days later
Dropped in a 3/4 inch guppy, he ignored her as if she was not in the tank aside from a heartless chase once in a while. This went on for a day or two, but now she too is gone. (covered tank)

He shows no tummy bulge and takes two pellets any time I feed him

He is quite happy darting up and down about the tank when he is not slowly exploring the tank


I always have too many guppies. Will he benefit by an occasional feeding or will he kill himself with my help.

Thank You