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I don’t have a very technical privacy policy because I don’t have any hopes or plans to have any loopholes in this site. From what I’ve been reading it seems that privacy policy is to inform you of all the information that is going to be stored on the website but I don’t plan on storing any information here. 90% of the reason why went with a blog platform was so that there were no memberships or any credential information I was being stored on a Web server.


I do not have any advertising posted on the website as of right now but there may be in the future to help pay for some of these costs but I’ve been having to pay. Depending many visitors we get it may or may not even be worth having advertising on the site but the future will tell so be aware that there could or may be advertising in the future.

Holding Information

Like I said before there are no memberships here but only open submission forms to fill out that goes through a moderation process of strong anti spam efforts. I have tried very hard to keep all credential information not even available to store on this website so basically there is only one membership in that his mind has a moderator.

Fully all of this is easy enough to understand but if you have any questions regarding anything you can contact me via the submission form and I will get back to you within 1 to 3 business days. And for those of you that are not wanting to see any advertisements on your browser you can contact me and I will inform you how to do a setting to worry they are not visible on your browser.