Using Safe Decorations for Betta Fish? Not to Use? What are Options

Topic: hi Chris! First, I want to congratulate u for ur channel :) it is really helpfull XD and second, i would like u to help me with my betta fish tank.. I want to know if it´s safe to put a buddha ornament that i bought in a asian store in my aquarium. cuz where i live is really hard to find fish decorations :(

Reply from BettaGuru:
What you really need to watch out for is paint and chemicals that are on the figure. Plastic is a really easy one to use. I cut up PVC pipes all the time for my tanks and the fish absolutely love them. I buy the black and white pipe and its all plastic and very safe to use. I can’t see your stone like figure.. but I’m guessing it is just baked in an oven like most clay pots.

I’m sure you would be safe to use it but… it’s the question of you wanting to hold that responsibility if that is the factor that kills all your fish. I have thought about cool things I have found at thrift stores and such that would look super cool in my aquariums but I just pass on them for the fact of safety. I would think if any fish could withstand the objects in the water it would be the tough betta fish from Thailand. You actually see these fish living in pots of rain water in videos from Thailand and they are like “minnows” for them. They are in fact a pretty tough fish when it comes to water parameters.

The choice is totally yours my friend. I’m sure you knew I wasn’t going to be able to give you a complete answer without seeing it but.. hopefully that helps some. Maybe test it in a bowl of water with some cheap minnows haha. (no offense to minnow lovers).

P.S. DECORATIONS ARE EXPENSIVE. I go to the Rivers around my area and search for cool drift wood. Maybe look into that instead of decorations. Nothing beats a cool piece of driftwood.