Play Time, & How to Have Fun with Betta Fish?

Topic: It has been 6 months now that I have had my male betta. Things are starting to get boring for him and I. I feel bad but I don’t know what else to do with him. What are some cool things that we can do to spice up our time together. I feel bad because he is always by himself and he gets very lonely it seems. Help a mate have fun with his fish.  Someone has to help me here.


Rely from Teresa N.
I’ve heard a lot of people canceling out on using mirrors with their betta fish because it brings too much aggression into their schedule. Do you think this is something a person should worry about? I don’t know where I stand on it but I use the mirror for around 20 seconds at a time and I figure that’s enough time to get my fish worked up. Tough decision here..

Reply from Admin
I know what you mean Teresa. It seems people are commenting on YouTube videos of people using mirrors on their fish to be this animal cruelty thing. I even saw a girl delete her video because people were making her feel guilty about it. This is my strong opinion, in small variations using the mirror will bring no harm. These fish are very inquisitive and get super bored very quick! I would rather have my Bettas live a fulfilled life with a little excitement then die a boring exhausted long life.

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Small tiny mirrors are better then larger ones. All they really need is a glimpse of their own kind and that’s all it takes. I would not advise setting a mirror in the tank where they can constantly see themselves. I have had lots of betas that work themselves to death over aggressive tendencies and stomping grounds. Take the mirror thing with a grain of salt. It’s like us humans drinking alcohol… Too much of it and your going to have issues on your hands.

Reply from Mike L.
I think a better trick for playing with betta fish might be using your finger to bring new scenarios into their environment. Buy new plants or a different tank all together. Any aggression could or may kill these fish due to my experience. Fish get lots of stress from this type of thing and its not always good. I don’t agree with the mirror trick to brighten their day. By the way “admin” what is your favorite filter to use for these fish?

Reply from Admin
It’s good to hear a strong opinion on this Mike, good share. How about this though, as a growing teenager did you yourself get into trouble and mischief and get your heart beating rapidly? And if you answer yes… Did it feel good? Was it healthy for you? Sometimes animals and organisms need some spark and new changes in their environment to live happily. I disagree with not using a mirror because I think they enjoy it a tiny bit almost like a hobby that comes through their own blood lines of being aggressive.

Reply from Mike L.
I see your point here and its a tough argument.. Not even sure where I stand on it now that I’ve heard you state some good points. Guess that’s why it’s important to hear others and listen to what they say instead of just bickering back and forth. Your a very open minded person I must say.

Reply from Teresa N.
It’s a hit and miss and we will never truly know what is the perfect thing to do for these fish. I would think if you look back at their original habitat or living out in the wild and what males do for fun there.. would be the ideal answer.

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