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Hey I love your videos! Got a lot of useful info here!

My betta is in a 5 gallon with gravel. I plan on getting him one of those java moss balls.
I want to get a sponge filter. I can’t find one anywhere!! Well, I did find one made by fluval I think? It says on the box that it is for older fish?? That’s the only one I could find at Petco.
I don’t really want to order online, but I will if I have too.
Can you send me a link/links to some sponge filters that will go in my 5 gallon tank?
Meanwhile, I am changing 20 percent of the water everyday.
I’m planning on getting a siphon/gravel thingy in a couple of days..I’m sure the gravel is dirty by now..he’s been in the tank for about a week and half..he was in a less than gallon tank before.
Also I have another question..I don’t remember his head being so dark almost black but my son says it was. How do I know if his head should look like that? Almost looks like it might be velvet? Hard to tell because I don’t remember how he looked before!! He is blue with red accents, and white streak on the top of his body..always had the white streak even though to me it doesn’t look normal. I DO remember thinking of all the fish why did my son choose that one lol..wasn’t the prettiest. He liked him cuz he was red white and blue..and it was July…
Otherwise…”larry” seems to be quite happy. He follows my finger for food…I don’t feed him too much….and he has a large bubble nest under a leaf….

Congratulations and Thank You for Fish Channel

hi Chris! first, i want to congratulate u for ur channel 🙂 it is really helpfull XD

“Great Videos!” says Ethan Vang

hey chris just wanted to say hi and great videos

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