Want to Know More on these Fish?

Betta Fish, also known as Betta Splendens or Siamese fighting fish, originate from Asia, more specifically, Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia. Facts on these fish can help you to better understand them. Betta Fish are a popular freshwater aquarium fish, perhaps even the most popular type of freshwater aquarium fish in the US. Originally, Bettas were … [Read more…]

Help Video on Betta Fish Care from “BettaGuru” – The Quickest Way to Learn Caring for Bettas

I have decided to make a video on caring for betta fish. It’s super simple and a 10 step process. I have been getting a lot of people disagreeing with my ‘filter discussion’ on betta fish hating filters and water current.. but I’m sticking to my guns until someone educates me otherwise. Let me know … [Read more…]