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Clever Funny Betta Fish Names? Top 100 Most Popular Fish Names from Cuteness.com

“What should I name my betta fish?” This can be a dilemma of a choice and the name needs to suit your fish’s personality. What is that perfect name though? It’s probably bugging you to the max because that perfect name is at the tip of your tongue but you just can’t say it right? Below is a cool list of fish names brought by Cuteness.com. I had to share it since I was getting asked to post a guide on betta names.

Trying to Think of the Perfect Name?

Don’t stress yourself out too much because the fish knows that its name will come to you with time. We’ve shared some of the most popular fish names out there that are very entertaining. Some of them are going to make you giggle and others you may scratch your head about. We don’t take credit for thinking of these but instead want to place proper credit on the source in which we found them. Cuteness.com has these shared as the most popular fish names. Why not utilize it for betta fish I thought.


Have Anything to Say?  – 27 Comments

Posted by Marcus:
I always prefer japanese names for my bettas like Naruto, Takeshi, Akira or Kitaro and for my godfish it´s the same :D

Posted by FishDad:
As a newby i made a mistake on my first name for my betta. I went with Betty. then found out it was a male. OOPS. Time for a much more appropriate name. Was talking to one of my customers and when I mentioned my problem, her 5 year old daughter immediately piped in and said “Finnie”. She was so cute and absolute about it. And the name fit. Until my wife heard the choice. She had to adapt it a little bit. Now I have a sign on my desk introducing everyone to my little guy. Hucklebetta Finnie.

Posted by PJnean:
Thanks I no my bettas name now it’s fluffy

Posted by Mom Kim:
im a new betta mom!!! i just love my new guy.an i named him grasshopper!! remember kung foo? lol!

Replied by Jessica R:
Grasshopper! I love that one hahaha! Where did you get that idea from? Some people think of the most unique names and it makes me jealous for not thinking of them or being able to think of them on my own.

Posted by JLS:
I just bought 2 betas today. 2 Crowntail females, their names are Lily and Laila.

Posted by Michaela:
My fish first name is boo and middle is boo so when he in trouble it booboo

Posted by Chicken D:
i am having trouble naming my fish i am cought on carl or leonardo defishy i am stuck! :’(

Posted by Melanie:
Omg have a betta as a class pet and we are supposed to think of a name omg i need help

Posted by Jennifer:
I recently got a beta and named him Gizmo because he’s just adorable and has a big personality, and I have two goldfish named Cheech and Chong. :)

Posted by Ryan:
What happens if I have 15 betta fish in one tank and can’t remember which one is which? I really do have that many betta in my tank though and my poor daughter tries to name each of them but forgets which one is which. They are females of course so nobody get too anxious about males being together.

Posted by Jam:
Just take pictures of the fish and make like a little scrapbook and put the names of them beside the pictures of them!

Posted by Violet:
I named my betta Kamikaze because in the past I’ve had problems with betta’s jumping out of their tanks.

Posted by Danielle:
Just got a half moon female betta, she needs a name, oh & she’s black with a little gray small too, but eating swimming happy!

Reply from Mathew N.
I had a lot of issues naming my male betta just because it seemed like every name I liked just didn’t suit him. Maybe that sounds stupid but I’m a big believer in a name suiting a person or animal that holds it. I wound up naming him Andy and it suits him just perfect. Sometimes you just have to have your fish for a week before you name it just to see what it’s traits are like.

Reply from Jessica R.
I’ve had bad luck with betta fish an they seem to always die on me. I often tried to figure out why they always die on me but couldn’t figure it out. I had the gravel and everything. Water temperature at 80 degrees and yeah.. I named my Bettas all with names starting with the letter B. Barbara was the last one to die tell I gave up on the betta fish.

I just bought a 10 gallon aquarium and I’m Male beta fish to go inside of it. Went to a couple of different places just to choose the most beautiful male I defined. Initially I wanted to save a beta fish from the Walmart but I decided to go with a different one because it probably is healthier from somewhere else. Although it does make me sad how they treat their fish and I would like to adopt want to take care of it eventually just so I feel better how they treat their fish. I have this friend where whenever we go to Walmart she will actually page the fish selection of employees and have them change the water there because if she sees one dead… There is going to be a problem. She’s so funny to be around and just is so for the animals that it’s crazy.

I also bought some white gravel am going to mix it with some blue smaller rock so that it has a mixed look. I really like aquariums that have a mixture of the gravel colors it really looks cool if you choose the right colors. I understand that buying a 10 gallon aquarium for one day officious kind of dramatic but I just decided to go with that route. And here I am looking for a good name so I can call my beta fish really spectacular name.

Reply from Mathewson L.
Actually a 10 gallon aquarium isn’t too large for a beta fish. They like large aquariums just like any other fish. Just because they come in small little tanks or containers doesn’t mean that’s what they like to live inside. Your 10 gallon aquarium is going to be a perfect size for your fish and he will love his environment. I’d like to congratulate you with a good job because you are part of the crowd that allows the beta fish to have a larger environment than most.

Most people will just go out and buy a flower vase and call it good and throw up data inside of it and it’s really not a good environment. Flower vases are incredibly small for a beta fish and they are not properly designed because a beta fish actually breathes from the surface. And because they are a design like it to like set up the beta fish has to swim through a lot of water to breathe at the small area of surface area. Hopefully that’s not too hard to understand that the beta fish needs to swim all the way to the top every time just to consume some oxygen.
I have had great luck with Bettas and lived long lives. I think the big thing that people forget to leave out in their aquariums is that these fish do not like current. Most filter systems out there create current for the fish and I know they do not like it that’s just how they are these fish are used to being in swamped holes. Are usually just had my wife or my daughter name every single one of my fish because women are a lot better at it.

Reply from Zachary S.
I’m very surprised at how popular beta fish have become. What also surprises me at how long these fish actually live for without the needed water temperatures. There are so many people out there that are not aware of these fish are actually tropical fish. They need their water at least have a temperature of 78°F at minimum. I talked to somebody just yesterday on the fact that they had no idea that their fish tank had to be at that temperature and that the beta fish was indeed a tropical fish.

Are are a lot of locations in the world where you can get away with not having an aquarium heater. For all of the other locations where here’s needed I’m surprised the fish are adapting as well as they are. I personally live in Minnesota and I know a lot of people beta fish and we have a very cold winter here where temperatures easily reach below 78°F in our homes. And once that happens this tropical fish is sitting in water that is around 70° for very long time during the whole entire winter months. That is too cold for the beta and I’m surprised they’re lasting as long as they are.

betta tankHere is a picture of my tank in my fish I have actually created a divider so that I can have three different set ups for three different beta fish and 110 gallon set up. I want to redo it though so that the tank is split up in half instead of just having it split up in the three because it’s less water. I want my beta fish at least have a 5 gallon tank set up. A lot of people are setting up their tanks and splitting them so that they can get a bunch of beta fish in one aquarium. People are always complaining about having roommates further beta fish and if you think about it they more or less could have it pretty easily if you use splitting dividers.

Reply from Sarah D.
I have seen some people making dividers further tanks and having small sections where it’s Plexiglas and they can see the other fish. It will make a small window like opening where they can somewhat see the other fish and it makes them a little agitated so it always gives them something to play with. It’s not healthy to always have your fish together able to see each other but if there’s a small window it makes it okay because they only see each other maybe a couple of times a day at most.

There is different methods for splitting up tanks but the best of my ability is to just use a screen like divider so that the water can go in between all of them pretty easily. You can just use plain plexiglass as well too and you can send it in certain areas to make it a fog affects you can’t see through it. When the plexiglass is fogged out this makes it so that the fish can only see almost like a shadow of a moving object and it makes for a great play session between the beta fish.

Reply from Cassie Y.
Each one of my kids are obsessed with these beta fish and they have a couple of them in the rooms. As soon as one of our boys had up at beta fish the other just absolutely had to have one and then they each got another so now we have four different tanks inside of our house. I am individually teaching them how to clean the tanks and how to care for small pets like this and I believe it to be a great life lesson.

I think a lot of parents need to integrate taking care of animals into their parenting because it brings so much morals and values to these kids growing up. I think once they start to care and nurture these little pats in learned to just care for animals in general it just creates a great atmosphere for a child growing up like I just said. Long story short we have four beta tanks here and we’re constantly talking about them and it was cool to find a great guide here to help us give our fish name.

We actually didn’t use any of the names but it gave us a good idea on some other ones that started to route from other things that we enjoy it from a video game. Video games are great place to actually steal some pet names from because they’re funny and if you go with the older games you can actually get other people that remember them and you can converse about them together. My husband and myself actually named one of the fish from an actor from a movie that’s 20 years old as well that’s pretty funny.

Reply from Nick E.
My beta fish died yesterday and I was so sad but my mom figured if I went out and got another beta fish that it would make you feel better. “Johnson” what’s to a half years old and it was my longest beneficial I have ever owned and I’m going to be sad and miss him always gone. On the side note though I am here looking for a new name for a beta fish and it’s cool to have a small list of names like this to kind of give us some ideas. I swear to God to you that these fish kind of just bring a great feeling to your heart when you come home and he just sits there and looks at you and waits for you to feed him. It’s a lot easier than owning a dog because I sure as heck don’t have time while I’m at college all day.

I think for my moms birthday and going to get her a beta fish and see if I can get her addicted to taking care of these guys. She seems to enjoy my fish a lot and I was thinking maybe we could put our tanks next to each other once in a great while and watch them play together and it’s just good to share the love when you have it for fish like this. I don’t think people outside of the fish aquarium industry have any idea how addicting taking care of these things are.

Reply from Patty N.
There’s a bunch of sources out there that give a great guide for naming fish. Fish are like dogs go to see you could just think of naming a dog if you didn’t have to have it like too much aquarium based as far as the name goes.

Reply from Danny U.
I usually wait a couple weeks before I name my fish because I wait to see some of the characteristics that here she puts out. How can you name an animal before you even know it because I like to name things based on their characteristics.

Reply from Fred N.
This is a pretty cool list and I actually picked one of the names to name my betta fish and I’m pretty happy with it. Oh girl I’m dating thinks I’m a genius because I thought of this name and then I’m really intricate and I really didn’t think of the name but I just stole it from you guys so thank you.

Reply from Kenny S.
My daughter needed a little bit a help naming our fish and this is a great guy to go to and we actually found a name. I’m just thankful that it didn’t take us like three weeks of nonstop thinking to name her fish because that would’ve been a long stressful time. We actually didn’t use on a specific names but it gave us a good idea of what we should use and we actually went with the name Frankie. And she got one of these cute little name tags and stuck it to the bottom of the fish tank and she just thinks it’s the cutest thing ever and I’m glad she’s happy about it.

Reply from Sarah W.
What people don’t realize is how important it is to have a good name when you have younger children involved because it really just create a great environment where your children get involved with pets and learn to love them. It kind of sucks when their pets die sometimes and your kids are really sad it hurts to see them like that but it kind of trains them to be more mature in later life.
link on child development with pets

Reply from Nathan G.
I have like 20 fish and I agree that fish don’t all the names and they can just be there separate entity without a name. Just think of how many beneficial or are in this world and you’re worrying about naming just one of them. I know I’m not very emotional as far as it comes to fish and such but I just don’t believe in naming them and maybe it’s just best you don’t need them with your children because that way they won’t become too attached to it. I would actually rather train a child to be less attached to the fish that way the child is just less prone to be very sad about it dying.

Reply from Bobby H.
Come on man you got a name your fish for your children I mean even though it might hurt when they die it doesn’t mean that it’s just not still important to them even at the fish dies in a year it is still important to them and remembering things about their childhood. Don’t you remember things about your childhood and how important they were to you even though it seemed less important to your parents and having a fish might’ve been the biggest thing in the world to you.

Reply from Abby D.
I agree with you Bobby it’s important to name your animals to your kids and just grow attached to them because it’s important to show them love and respect towards animals. If you’re just going to show them that it’s something you put in the tank as a cosmetic entertaining device then there not probably going to treated good enough to where it will live and that’s a very important necessity for animals.

Posted by BetaBoss:
I just got a male halfmoon beta names?

12 thoughts on “Clever Funny Betta Fish Names? Top 100 Most Popular Fish Names from Cuteness.com

  1. Chris

    I got mine today on march 9, 2014 and I wanted to name it Finley but it was a girl so I didn’t know what to do and NONE of these really helped plz help me?

  2. Bunnee

    Just got my 10 yr old son a betta. He picked a blue one because blue is his fave color. I bought a gallon triangular sized tank, got it set up & put a “moon rock” in it & a glow in the dark plant. With the air filter tube & those 2 decorations in it, it doesn’t seem large enough for the fish. So when we went to PetSmart to get the fish, I bought a 5.5 gal tank & we’ll set it up tomorrow. My son is really excited about his new pet!

  3. Barbara V

    I name mine after champs. Sonny (Liston), Sugar Ray (Leonard), etc. A fighting fish should have a fighting name!

  4. Amanda

    I named my little man Mr Mustachio because his hwad is black, tail and body blue but he has a tiny little mustache-like marking just above his lips!

  5. Does No Let The Ball Drop

    Woke up today to find my 2 1/2 year old Beta dead. “Dr. Sheldon Cooper” or “Shelly” for short, was my first Beta. So Sad today ! Who knew a Beta fish would bring so musch joy. Will be rescuing a new Beta from a jar at the local fish shop and with the advise of others, will wait to see what name suits the little guy / girl.
    Thinking about getting two fish.
    Question, can you keep two femails together in the same tank ? ( pleanty of room ) And how do you know what sex they are ?

  6. Ava

    My Betta, Guppy, died last night and my dad went 6 different pet stores to find one that looked the same, so when i got home from school i found Guppy very different so i asked my mom and my dad why he looked so different….. they told me what had happen i was so sad :( :( :( but the now betta is not the same but all i need is a name.!!!!

  7. Melissa

    I currently have 4 betta, all males. I have a white and red one that I named piero, an all red one named taiyo, a blue one named moon and my latest addition is black and green with red and black fins and I call him midori :)


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